Retirement Plan Sponsors

Employer-sponsored retirement plans offer great benefits for both the employer and the participants. At Lumia Wealth, we share your mission to help your retirement plan participants achieve their financial goals. As a Registered Investment Advisor, we’re here to provide you and your employees direct, objective guidance on your retirement readiness by collaborating on risk assessment, saving strategies and evidence-based investment plans.

Our solution provides the critical ingredients for a successful plan:

  • Comprehensive participant support services
  • Professionally managed portfolios
  • Full delegation of the fiduciary responsibility for selecting and monitoring the plan’s investments
  • Transparent, scalable fee structure
  • Collaboration with high-quality service providers and recordkeepers

If you are looking for an advisor to help manage your retirement plan, you have a lot of options. While many companies seem to offer similar services, they are, in reality, very different – from product offerings, to levels of service, to fee structures.

At Lumia Wealth, everything we do is guided by one objective: providing your employees with a better chance of successfully saving for retirement. This is about so much more than just monitoring investments.

Our objectivity, transparency and evidence-based investment philosophy will help differentiate our offering from the others and help your employees achieve success.