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Fiduciary & Fee-Only

The fiduciary standard means we act in your best interest. If there are three good options, we will weigh them all and recommend only the very best one for your goals. Fee-only means that we earn our fees based on the assets we manage for you. There are no hidden charges, commissions or kick-backs. Our billing is transparent and up-front, keeping our interests aligned.

Evidence-Based Investing Philosophy

At Lumia Wealth, we believe an evidence-based investing philosophy delivers a better investment experience. We use academic research to identify the most important data points that contribute to expected returns.  Portfolios are constructed based on these factors of return and an efficient market view of the world. We diligently monitor and rebalance portfolios to stay true to their strategy.

Tax Alpha

In investing, alpha is the excess return an investment makes beyond its benchmark. Tax alpha means achieving the best after-tax returns. Too often, advisors and investors look at investment returns and tax bills as two separate items. This can be especially true with firms that are only asset managers or investment firms. In contrast, we evaluate asset location, income tax filings, qualified dividends, capital gains, and more to make sure you are paying the minimum amount of taxes appropriate for your financial condition.


We engage partners when they give our clients access to the best solutions. Professional affiliations include the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) and the Certified Financial Planners Board (CFP). Buckingham Strategic Partners provides back-office operational support and a nationwide network of like-minded advisors. For investments, we are open architecture and partner with Dimensional Funds, Vanguard, AQR, and others.

Total Wealth

If it matters to your financial health, it matters to us. As a total wealth advisor or holistic financial advisor, we take a broad view of financial health and commonly partner with clients to manage: