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Investment Firms

At Lumia Wealth, we believe being an investment firm is an important aspect of your overall wealth management strategy. Being one of Kansas City’s premier investment firms means you will not find a better investment philosophy or partner. We use evidence-based investing techniques and bring institutional-level expertise to each relationship.  

We rely on peer-reviewed academic research to guide our investment firm recommendations. Our strategies are heavily influenced by the Nobel Prize-winning work of Professor Eugene Fama. His work over the past five decades has focused on the central idea that markets are naturally efficient. What this means to us as an investment firm is that by the time an investor hears a piece of news about a stock or fund, it’s highly likely that such news has already been factored into the price of the stock and, therefore, any advantage of knowing that news has effectively been eliminated.

Recommendations based on historical, observable market behaviors and prices takes emotion out of the equation – and leads to steadier, more predictable results over the long term. This investment approach helps you minimize costs, diversify your portfolio and build effective tax strategies. We show you how to take on only the right amount of market risk you need to achieve your financial goals.

And, you will have a total wealth manager that evaluates more than just your investments. Our wealth management strategies incorporate tax planning consequences, insurance considerations and estate planning integration among other services to ensure your full financial life is taken into consideration. We consider not only your willingness to take risks, but also your ability and your need to take risks.