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The Socially Conscious Investor

More of our clients are asking about ways investors can do good things with their money and how to make investments that reflect their values. Some want to invest in companies that are committed to sustainable efforts and others are looking to exclude certain industries from their portfolios. Still others want to be able to donate money directly to causes about which they are passionate.

We offer portfolios that are designed using funds that meet specific guidelines to might satisfy your desire to believe in the companies you invest in.  Dimensional Fund Advisors offer both Social and Sustainable funds that provide broad global exposure in the equity markets.

Bridgeway Capital, another key partner of Lumia, donates half of its profits to charity.

We partner with key providers of Donor Advised Funds, which can help facilitate charitable giving in a manner that maximizes the tax benefits to you. 

Creating a financial plan that combines your personal values and your investments can be incredibly satisfying.  And being able to accomplish this without sacrificing your retirement goals is simply the icing on the cake.  Let us show you how we can help make this possible.