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Financial Planning for Women

Never have women had as much power over their money as they do now. Now, women control nearly 60% of the wealth in the United States and are increasingly becoming the primary or co- breadwinners of their families. Women are starting businesses at impressive rates and those businesses are growing at five times the rate of men-owned businesses.

We help women, not just here in Kansas City but around the country, improve their financial planning. In general, women

  • Earn less than men
  • Live longer
  • Have fewer years of earned income
  • Are more likely to care for other family members
  • Start investing later
  • Are less aggressive investors

While women as a group face challenges in financial planning, they are also capable wealth managers. According to a Fidelity survey looking at real returns across eight million retail clients, women performed better than men by 40 basis points, or 0.4%, on average. They are also better at saving and more likely to allocate funds appropriately. We understand the challenges and the opportunities to help women establish the financial planning they need.

At Lumia Wealth, we help all our clients identify their hopes for the future, prioritize the things they find meaningful and figure out a financial plan that enables a successful future.