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Physicians face unique financial circumstances that most advisors don’t take the time to understand or plan for. We’ve encountered many physicians who have been frustrated by the lack of help or guidance when it comes to the most efficient way to handle both medical school debt and a significant starting salary. Many recognize the need for efficient planning, but lack the time and resources to fully research all angles.

We help young physicians put together a plan that optimizes debt paydown, workplace retirement savings, life and disability insurance, and other financial imperatives to reduce your stress and allow you to keep your focus on the important things: your work and your family.

We also grow with you and your circumstances: our experience with physicians in their mid-to-late careers focuses on determining an appropriate savings rate, minimizing taxes, retirement planning, workplace benefit optimization, and appropriate insurance protection.

Because we work with physicians at many of the major Kansas City area hospitals, we have a good understanding of all the different types of retirement accounts and workplace benefits available to you. We would enjoy discussing with you how to make the most of your options and set you on a path that reduces your stress and frees you up to focus on the areas of your life that bring the most joy.