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Fee Only

Lumia Wealth operates in a Fee Only capacity. This simply means that we are compensated in a manner that is completely transparent and up-front with you and the only fees we earn are those paid by you. The majority of our clients work with us on an Assets Under Management (AUM) fee model.  This model covers all of our services and is based on a fee schedule that is directly tied to the assets we manage for you.

Some clients choose to engage with us for financial planning services.  The fees for these services are discussed and agreed upon before any engagement begins and we are not compensated through any other source based on the outcomes of the plan recommendations.

We strive to operate in a manner that is transparent and absent of any conflicts of interest.  We don’t want you to worry about hidden or ulterior motives when we provide recommendations.

Many advisors, brokers, and insurance agents rely on AUM fees plus commission, or only commissions.  Oftentimes these models can incentivize advisors to make recommendations that benefit their wallet first and foremost instead of putting your goals first.